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"Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, Ashley’s expertise will enrich your understanding and appreciation of Buddhist art!"

- Anonymous advisory client

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"I engaged Ashley for a large estate appraisal and would highly recommend her, both as an Asian art specialist and as a generalist appraiser. She was not only highly skilled for this assignment, but was also professional, discreet, and empathetic during this very difficult time for our family. Thank you, Ashley, for all of your help!"

- Lee, appraisal client

“Ashley is a colleague with rigorous research skills and a strong work ethic. As an appraiser and art dealer myself with over 10 years of first-hand experience in the field, it is always a pleasure to collaborate with someone as professional, ambitious, and meticulous, yet thoughtful as Ashley. Her academic background is impressive, and her extensive knowledge of Buddhist art adds tremendous value to her analyses. Ashley is consistently thorough as she evaluates a piece's historic context, religious significance, and noteworthy aesthetic details.”

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- Sanjay Kapoor, Kapoor Galleries director

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"Ashley assisted me with a substantial insurance appraisal consisting of Asian art and various household objects. I’d never had my items insured before, so I really appreciated her expertise, efficiency, and guidance through the process. I will definitely ask her for help again the next time I need anything appraised!"

- Colin, appraisal client

"Ashley is one of the rare Asian art specialists who can effortlessly balance academic knowledge and market expertise, even with the trickiest of objects! She has guided me through countless projects over the past four years and I would highly recommend her advisory services."

- James, advisory client

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"I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend Ashley for anyone seeking exceptional expertise in Asian Art and Buddhism, as well as targeted research and appraisal work. Ashley's valuable assistance made a significant impact for us at Frieze Masters last year, particularly in the areas of client relations, handling numerous inquiries about specific works of art, and managing general administration tasks. Our gallery, which specializes in artworks from India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia, had the great fortune of discovering someone in London who possesses an extensive range of knowledge and professionalism.

Ashley's dedication and proficiency in the field of Asian Art and Buddhism were evident throughout our collaboration. Moreover, her attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensured a seamless experience for both clients and our gallery team.

Beyond her exceptional expertise, Ashley's personable and approachable demeanor fostered excellent relationships with our clients. She adeptly understood the specific needs and preferences of individual clients, providing tailored recommendations that enhanced their overall experience."

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- Carlton Rochell, President of Carlton Rochell Asian Art

"After having traveled to London many times before, I wanted a much more authentic experience. I chose to see the highly renowned V&A. Ashley’s knowledge of the Asian art exhibits was extensive. She was able to inform me about everything from the very minute detailing of how ceramics were made and put together to broader context of the historical periods that each piece of work was made in. Ashley has a comprehensive knowledge that is above and beyond what I’ve seen in this sector of the art world."


- Anonymous advisory client

I highly recommend Ashley as an art advisor and appraiser! She is an experienced Buddhist art specialist who in particular has deep knowledge in Buddhist art. She is dedicated and meticulous with strong research skills.  She is extremely passionate about the subject and has provided me with invaluable insights about Asian art. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, Ashley’s expertise will enrich your understanding and appreciation of Buddhist art!

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- Anonymous advisory client

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