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  • 1. Which services do you offer?
    We offer appraisals/ valuations, specialist research, and financial art advisory. You can read more here.
  • 2. Which types of appraisals do you offer?
    Our most common types are financial planning and insurance, although we offer a wide range! You can read more about them here.
  • 3. Where do you operate?
    Ashley Asian Art operates in person throughout the UK, US, and Canada or remotely worldwide.
  • 4. What are your qualifications?
    Founder Ashley Crawford is an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers, an experienced art researcher, and a financial art advisor, working in the art market since 2017. She is qualified to appraise as a generalist or specialist in Asian art or musical instruments. She has earned two university degrees in Asian art history and two in music. You can find further information about her qualifications here.
  • 5. Can you give me a free appraisal or other free services?
    No, free or informal appraisals are not USPAP-compliant or in line with ISA membership requirements. Our initial 15-minute consultation is free. Please contact us to discuss fees.
  • 6. Who are your clients?
    We serve a wide range of clients, including private collectors, galleries, museums, fellow appraisers, and other arts professionals.
  • 7. Can I talk to you first before proceeding with a service?
    Of course! We offer free preliminary 15-minute phone or video consultations and are also available by e-mail.
  • 8. How can I best prepare for my appraisal?
    Please gather any information you have available, such as detailed photographs, purchase history, provenance, scientific testing, etc. Not everyone has these, but if you do, it may make the process more efficient.
  • 9. Do you have any testimonials?
    Yes! You can read them here or contact us directly for further professional references.
  • 1. What does USPAP-compliant mean?
    USPAP is the official Appraisal Foundation’s guidance for appraisers in the US. All compliant appraisers must take a course every two years to remain in good standing. You can read more about this here.
  • 2. What are ISA’s membership requirements?
    You can read about ISA’s rigorous vetting and training process here.
  • 3. Why choose an ISA or USPAP-compliant appraiser over another type of appraiser?
    ISA and USPAP-compliant appraisers are thoroughly vetted, rigorously trained, and held to the highest ethical standards. Appraisers in the US are not licensed, meaning that anyone may conduct an appraisal. Working with an ISA member or USPAP-complaint appraiser gives clients peace of mind in knowing that they are engaging the most professional appraisers in the industry.
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